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Prophetic School of Ministry 2020/2021

What does prophetic mean from God's point of view? Do you want to influence your environment in a positive way and make a difference? Live a successful and happy life and become an authentic example! Be convincing from inside out and overcome negative emotions. John Saoge, apostle of New International Church and a team of guest speakers will teach about the prophetic in seven weekends during seven months in Prophetic School of Ministry.

All sessions will be translated in German, English and French.

2020: 4.-6.9. / 16.-18.10. / 5.-8.11. (Conference) / 4.-6.12.
2021: 22.-24.1. / 19.-21.2. / 19.-21.3. (Graduation)


Friday 7 - 9:30pm Worship, Teaching and Ministration

Saturday 9:30am - 5pm Worship, Teaching (Lunch not included in registration fee)

Sunday 9:30am - 12:30pm

Venue: Jakobstr. 56, 2504 Biel - Switzerland

Register now online or by calling our office +41 32 322 42 62